Holly Dennis

We caught up with Holly Dennis to give you a sneak peek into her passion as a counselor!

What do you love most about counseling?
Sometimes life is so hard and confusing and I love to be able to help clients find their next step. I love seeing clients leave my office with more hope and an increased ability to live well, no matter what they are going through now or in the future.  

Why did you decide to become a counselor?
My journey to find my passion in counseling was long but I will never forget sitting in my guidance counselor’s office and watch her support me during a time when I was overwhelmed by the choices I needed to make in college to be successful.  She turned a lengthy deliberation into a 30-minute conversation that left me feeling secure in the ability to make decisions about my life.   I desire to do that with my clients in different areas of their lives so that, hopefully, they can walk away with that same kind of confidence.

What advice would you give to someone considering counseling?
It has been my experience that clients wait until their lives are falling apart to come into counseling.  Counseling can definitely serve clients well in a crisis but if you have the opportunity to seek guidance and healing before the seams of your life fall away, you will gain much more and be able to stand stronger and more independent when the crisis does come along.

What are you reading/listening to/ watching right now?
Currently, I am loving Bethel's new album, Have It All.  My kids and I are getting a kick out of watching the Brady Bunch on Hulu and I'm excited for Last Man Standing to return for the newest season!

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