Rachelle Honohan, LCSW

As a mother of four boys ranging from preteen to young adult, and a mental health professional for over twenty years, the phrase Rachelle often finds herself repeating to her clients and their parents is, “I’ve seen it all. I’ve been through all of the developmental stages. We will get through this.”

Rachelle began her work in the mental health field in hospitals, both in the Emergency Room and NICU units. Initially, she worked in the Women and Children’s unit and Emergency Department, conducting support groups and providing emotional support for parents dealing with infant death and adoption, as well as premature and traumatic birth with its accompanying shock, unmet expectations, and separation of parents from their infants. Later, Rachelle worked in the ER, where she performed mental health assessments and arranged emergency services, diagnosis, and therapy, as she worked closely with ER physicians, psychiatrists, and inpatient facilities. After fifteen years working in hospitals, Rachelle began working in an inpatient setting at a residential treatment facility, where she provided individual, family and group therapy for children and adolescents for three years. After seeing a vital need for outpatient therapy for this age group, Rachelle went into private practice, where she has been working exclusively with children and adolescents for over five years.

Rachelle is fueled by a sincere passion for children and adolescents, and assists them, along with their families, in understanding behaviors, improving communication, and establishing boundaries within relationships. She helps her clients discover their unique strengths, understand feelings and the importance of coping skills, set goals, and overcome obstacles.

Rachelle has a Masters in Social Work from University of Texas at Arlington, and is trained in Theraplay and Trust Based Relational Intervention. She has been married to her husband for over twenty years and enjoys being active in her church and her boys’ school and sports / activities.

Rachelle offers a sliding scale based on income for fee reduction for qualified clients.
For specific questions, email Rachelle at rachelle@abundantlifecounseling.com