Carolyn Dixon, LCSW

Carolyn Dixon, Abundant Life Counseling Services, P.A.
We caught up with Carolyn Dixon today to give future and current clients a glimpse into why she does what she does!

What do you love most about counseling?
I laugh when I tell people that I do “iceberg counseling”. I have a big poster in my office of an iceberg–10% is what we see, 90% is below the surface. I LOVE being able to help people see what is going on inside them that is driving their behavior. It is very rewarding to help them connect their thinking, feeling and behavior...and then real change begins to happen.

Why did you want to become a counselor?
I wanted to become a counselor because my husband Donnie and I went to 4 different counselors before we found something that worked. Once we were able to figure out how to connect, I wanted to share it with others so I started leading small groups and got hooked! I went to UT to get a masters in social work (my undergraduate degree was finance) when my youngest son went to kindergarten.

What advice would you give to someone considering counseling?
I think first timers are very brave!! It is so intimidating to realize you need help AND THEN get on the internet to do research, call places, pick a counselor, rearrange child care/your schedule, find the place AND THEN talk to a total stranger about things you may have never said out loud. I get it! Most counselors will be sensitive to your journey and will have your back. I think you will leave with a sense that you aren’t alone anymore.

Now a question just for fun! What are you watching right now?
Donnie and I are watching Downton Abbey–season 6!

Does Carolyn Dixon sound like the counselor you would like to see?  Contact us to set up an appointment.  If you have further questions about the process see our Scheduling page for more information.
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