Frequently Asked Questions

Are you doing in-person appointments?
Yes. Some of our therapists have both "teletherapy only" days and "in-person only" days. Other therapists are in the office for all of their office hours and can do either teletherapy or in-person appointments for any session. Either way, there are definitely in-person options.

Are you accepting new clients at this time?
Some of our therapists are accepting new clients for both in-person and teletherapy appointments. If you would like to know whether or not a particular therapist is accepting new clients, please reach out to our office staff. If your preferred therapist is not accepting new clients, our office staff can either make a recommendation for a suitable alternative or put you on your preferred therapist's waitlist to be contacted when there is more space in their schedule for new clients.

How long will it take if I am on a waitlist?
That is a great question! And a difficult one to answer! To read about how the waitlist works, please visit this page. Sometimes the waitlist moves quickly because when we reach out to people on the list, they have found other options or are no longer interested. Other times it moves very slowly. If you are added to the waitlist, we will do our best to judge approximately how long you can expect to wait. We will tell you how many people are ahead of you and how long the last person who was added to a therapist's schedule had been waiting. Once you have been added to a waitlist, you are welcome to call or email at any time to see how it is progressing.

How do I know if the therapist I want to see has a waitlist?
If you call our office at 512-258-5100, we will be happy to tell you whether your therapist has a waitlist and how many people are currently on it.

Can I be put on more than one waitlist?
Yes, you can.

How do I get on a waitlist?
You will need to email our office staff at [email protected] and include your name, phone number, and the list or lists to which you would like to be added. When it is time to add you to a schedule, we will reply to the email you send us, so it would be wise to email from an email address that you use regularly. When we reach out, you will have 48 hours to respond whether or not you are still interested before we move to the next person on the list.

How much does it cost?
Super important question! And the answer is, it depends on the therapist you see. Please visit this page for more details.

Do you accept insurance?
No we do not. However, some of our clients are reimbursed by their insurance for a portion of their costs. To contact your insurance company to see if that is an option for you, please visit this page.

If I want to be reimbursed by my insurance, does it matter which therapist I see?
Potentially yes. That is an important issue to discuss with our office staff, so please bring that up when you are inquiring (a phone call is best for that question). Office staff can help you understand the ins and outs of credentials and what they mean and why they matter. We want you to be informed and not have any financial surprises! We know that therapy is an investment and we want to honor that.

Does it cost more for couples or families?
No. You are paying for your therapist's time. The number of people in the room has no bearing on cost.

Do you have a sliding scale for low income clients?
Some therapists do have a limited amount of sliding scale slots, but it may be that your preferred therapist does not. For more information, you can visit this page.

How often will I need to come to therapy?
Great question! You are welcome to ask your therapist for input once you are a client, but for the most part, that decision is up to you. Some therapists (such as Kerry) may be unable to offer weekly sessions, so every other week, every four weeks, or "as needed" would be your only options. For other therapists, it often depends upon the severity of symptoms you are experiencing.  If you would like to come weekly at first until things level out a bit you may do so, or if you prefer to come every other week, that is fine, too. Generally at first, it is good to plan on at least every other week, since it can be hard to get "traction" when sessions are more spaced out than that. Session time may be spent "catching up" since the last session instead of digging down into the deeper work that needs to be done. As you progress, your therapist will space your sessions out more and more until you no longer need to come in or just want to come in every now and then for a "check in."

How will I schedule? Will I have a regular appointment?
There are different options for scheduling. If you have a regular life schedule and have limited hours that would be conducive to counseling sessions, it would probably be best to set up a recurring schedule. With a recurring schedule, we reserve a particular time-slot every week or every other week that belongs to you. If your schedule is irregular, you can also schedule conveniently through our online portal, where you can see therapists' availability and request times that work for you as needed.

What if I have a recurring appointment but am going to be out of town?
It is not a problem to cancel appointments, but as a courtesy to others, we ask that you plan ahead in order to open up those slots as soon as possible for others who are searching for appointment times on the portal. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours will incur a late cancellation fee, but we appreciate you giving notice sooner, since it is often difficult for clients who are searching for appointment times to rearrange their schedules at the last minute.

I work nine to five. Do you have evening hours available?
Great question! It's very important to consider scheduling when deciding on a therapist, so if you have your heart set on a particular therapist, please inquire about their hours before getting on their waitlist. We wouldn't want you to wait on the list only to discover after you have waited and they are ready for you that you are unable to see them during the times that they are available. Some of our therapists do offer evening hours, and our office staff would be happy to help you find therapists whose availability matches yours.

How do I know if the therapist I want to see is at the location near me?
Most of our therapists work from the North Austin location, but some do have hours at both North Austin and Georgetown. You can check out the Kyle and Georgetown pages for specifics about each of those locations and the times therapists would be at that location. If your preferred therapist is not at the location near you, but you would still like to schedule with them, teletherapy is always an option.
North Austin - Kerry, Carolyn, Casey, Rachelle, Hannah, Mary Kate, Regina, Grace, Nichole, Elizabeth
Georgetown - Candice, Regina, Nichole, Elizabeth
Kyle - Michelle, Linlee

Are all of your therapists christians?
Yes. Our identity as a center is that we want to be both clinically excellent and foundationally christian. However, we want to meet people where they are and will never impose our faith or beliefs upon our clients. For those clients who do not want to incorporate faith into therapy, we are perfectly comfortable addressing their concerns with other methods. For those who want to incorporate faith into their therapy, we will be happy to do that as well. It is extremely important to us that all of our clients feel safe and welcome and free to be who they are and where they are. It is our hope that if experiences with faith or religion have been a painful part of a client's story in the past, they would experience something different with us.

Do I have to wear a mask for in-person appointments?
No. We will update this page with new procedures as COVID continues to evolve.

I get so frustrated with your phone system! Is there a direct line I can use to talk to a person?
Unfortunately, there is often not enough of us to go around, so please be patient with our phone system and leave messages. If no one answers right away when you call, it means we are either helping a client, on another line, away from our desk, or not open at the time of your call. (We are not scheduled to be in the office in the evenings or on weekends).  When potential clients call, we want to be available to answer questions and help them make the decisions best for their needs.  This can take a good bit of time, so it is likely that you will need to leave a message and we will return your call when we are able. Most of your questions can be answered on our website. It will be extremely helpful if you can educate yourself as much as possible on our website before your call.  If your need is a yes / no or quick answer, an email is often the most efficient way to correspond, since phone calls often take longer and office staff plans accordingly. We want your experience with us to be as welcoming and helpful as possible and will do our best to return your inquiry in a timely manner!

What do I do if I want to take next steps?
The first thing to do would be to acquaint yourself with answers to the questions on this FAQ page!  The next thing to do would be to browse the counselor page for the counselor whose specializations seem to fit your needs. If you would like to inquire about the therapist of your choice, a phone call is probably best since office staff can answer questions about waitlists, schedule availability, and which therapists would be best suited for your particular needs. They can also suggest an alternative that best suits your needs if your preferred therapist is unavailable. Once you call, if you are being put on a waitlist, office staff will ask you to email your name, phone number, and which waitlists you would like to be added to. If your therapist has immediate availability, office staff will ask you to check out the "New Client" section of the Scheduling page on our website and send the information requested to create your file. If your preferred therapist has availability for new clients, you can also check their schedule online and select a time. Once your file has been created and you are scheduled for your initial appointment, office staff will send you a portal invitation and a welcome packet with next steps.

How can I check a therapist's availability online?
You can check a therapist's schedule online at this link by clicking the Request Appointment button and then selecting  a therapist and a location. Although nothing will happen when you attempt to click on an appointment block if you are not an existing client, if your chosen therapist is accepting new clients, our administrative staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling that time. Please bear in mind that many of our therapists have waitlists, so available times on their schedule are only for existing clients.  

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