Are you scheduled for your first appointment? We're looking forward to meeting you! Here are your next steps:

1. Fill out a Standards and Policies form. Click on your counselor's name below. If you are coming in as a couple, both partners should sign this form. (**If you are seeing Carolyn as your counselor, you also have the option to consent to audio or video recording of your sessions).

2. Fill out an Intake form. Click on the one that applies to you (individual adult, couple, adolescent, child).

We use JotForms as our platform for making paperwork easier and more streamlined for you. Rest assured that all of these forms are HIPAA compliant. Paper copies are available if you prefer. Please ask your therapist about this. If you have any questions, call us! 512-258-5100

Standards and Policies

Click on your counselor's name. This will take you to the appropriate Standards and Policies form which you can fill out online. These forms are HIPAA compliant.

Intake Forms

Click on the intake form below that best applies to you. Fill it out online. These forms are HIPAA compliant, so rest assured that your information is protected.