Carolyn Dixon, MSW, LCSW

Carolyn Dixon, Austin EFT Counselor
Carolyn is trained to counsel individuals (ages 10 and up), couples, and families. She helps people navigate anxiety, loneliness, shame, abuse, depression, grief / loss, anger / aggression, premarital and marital issues, parenting and family challenges, divorce recovery, and conflict resolution. She is also certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an intervention that is based on scientific study of adult love and bonding processes in couples.

Carolyn approaches counseling with the deeply felt belief, “Your story matters.” With her warm, direct, and empathetic style, she invites her clients deeper into their stories, leveraging her life lessons, education, clinical experience, and personal faith to bring new insight into their experience. As her clients connect their internal worlds of thinking and feeling to their external worlds of behavior, they are better able to establish genuine and meaningful relationships.

After personally experiencing the positive impact of counseling, Carolyn earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas. She joined ALCS in 2004 while concurrently working as a program therapist at a psychiatric residential treatment center caring for troubled teens and their families. Because of her passion for strengthening marriages, Carolyn pursued her certification in EFT and became one of the founding directors of the Austin EFT community group.

Carolyn and her husband of over thirty years have raised four boys into adulthood, and her personal and professional experience have convinced her that every story includes some pain and disconnection. Carolyn can equip you with new skills, guiding you through a process of healing and reconnection as your story takes a new direction.

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