Sex Therapy

What is sex therapy?
What is Sex Therapy?
Sex therapy is therapy that helps individuals and couples enhance sexual fulfillment and/or resolve sexual conflicts and struggles. Like other types of therapy, sex therapy is based on dialogue, but in addition to dialogue, couples can expect homework assignments that will educate and enrich their relational and sexual intimacy. These homework assignments (such as reading or doing behavioral exercises) will be done in the privacy of their home together. At times, some of these assignments may seem uncomfortable, but clients can rest assured that Kerry will be patient and sensitive to comfort levels and how far clients are able to stretch during the course of treatment. Kerry will serve as a guide and support throughout the process of sex therapy; he will address experiences and beliefs that create barriers, provide education and process clients’ experiences during homework exercises, and resolve relational dynamics that hinder sexual intimacy. He will provide an environment that is safe and relaxed, encouraging open dialogue and creative problem-solving. Ethical boundaries will be maintained, as Kerry conducts sex therapy in a manner that is both respectful to clients and sensitive to Christian beliefs. Clients can expect an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, with a professional who is both competent and compassionate.

A couple’s sexual relationship is very complex, impacted by each person’s history, beliefs about themselves, their spouse, and sexual activity, as well as past experiences as a couple, and emotional connectedness. Sexual difficulties are also often compounded by various physical factors. Kerry has a background of extensive reading and study, earning his certification through a program of several post-graduate courses taught by some of the leading experts in fields of study surrounding sexual issues. This program, taught through the Institute for Sexual Wholeness in Atlanta, Georgia, also included supervised sex therapy counseling under the mentorship of Dr. Doug Rosenau, EdD, LMFT. Because of Kerry’s training, he has a foundation of knowledge about the wide range of physical factors influencing various sexual dysfunctions. However, referrals and consultation with medical professionals will be made where necessary.

Why Sex Therapy?
While the majority of couples will report some type of sexual struggle over their lifetime, most will suffer in silence and alone. Similarly, single individuals may feel isolated as they struggle alone with sexual integrity issues. Sexuality and sexual health impact every aspect of relating. Improving sexual wholeness as an individual and the experience of sexual pleasure between spouses is an important step towards increasing overall intimacy and health in marriages and relationships. Sex therapy can be a catalyst toward much needed healing, fostering steps toward positive change.
What is sex therapy?
What Kinds of Issues does Sex Therapy Address?
Kerry is trained and comfortable addressing:
•Low sexual desire, or conflict over different desire levels
•Problems of arousal
•Erectile dysfunction
•Premature ejaculation
•Female sexual pain
•Performance anxiety and skill deficits
•Inability to orgasm
•Unconsummated marriages
•Pornography/masturbation issues
•Sexual addiction or compulsivity
•Past sexual abuse/trauma
•Single adult concerns
•Preparation for honeymoon
•Affair recovery
•Sexual issues in aging
•Struggles with same sex attraction
•Gender Dysphoria

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