Abundant Life Counseling in Kyle

Abundant Life Counseling in Kyle TX
We're thrilled to introduce an Abundant Life Counseling Services, P.A. satellite location in Kyle, TX. Read on to hear from Michelle Johnson, ALCS Kyle Counselor, as she shares the story behind the center and her hopes for ALCS in the Kyle community.
What's the story behind opening the center in Kyle?
I live two minutes from this quaint Victorian house and it has caught my eye ever since I moved to Kyle. A sign came up that there was availability, and we met with Luann Sandahl, LPC, who renovated the place to draw more mental health professionals to serve the Kyle area. Kerry (ALCS founder) has dreamed of opening an office near Kyle someday, so the timing and the place just felt right. Rachel (ALCS Office Administrator) and I bargain hunted to furnish it and made more stops to HomeGoods than we could count. We're excited for the homey atmosphere of the space where clients can feel welcome from the moment they arrive.

What do you love about Kyle?
I'm from a small Texas town, so when my family and I moved to Kyle, we quickly became rooted here. It's nice to have that same feeling I had growing up--knowing neighbors, being involved in a church where you feel known, and feeling like everyone here is part of the same "team." We also love the proximity to Austin and San Antonio.

What are your hopes for ALCS in the Kyle community?
I hope to offer a safe place for people to come and experience what our ALCS clients have already been experiencing in North Austin for years. The communities south of Austin have been on my heart for years, because the growth in these areas is outpacing the presence of mental health professionals. I want ALCS to become a trusted resource in the Kyle community, where people can turn when they experience struggles in their lives, especially in their relationships and families. I'm also excited to offer faith-based Christian counseling.
Abundant Life Counseling in Kyle TX
What is your counseling philosophy?
I believe that ultimately God allows people to heal through a relationship with Jesus, whether inside or outside of the therapeutic setting. My role as a counselor is to empathize, listen, and offer alternative ways of thinking and approaching situations that help clients grow emotionally and relationally. It is the work of the client, out of their own desire for healing and wholeness, to decide what that journey will be for themselves.

What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about helping people enrich their lives through healing their relationships. For those whose faith is important to them, the foundation of that is seeking healing and restoration through God's love and forgiveness. For others, it begins with focusing on inward healing that leads to healthy relationships. I love to see families grow in healthy ways through all of life's changes. Through my own experience of becoming a mom, I have such a heart for people who are struggling to navigate marriage and parenthood. I love helping people turn their stories of sadness, disappointment, trauma, and grief into stories of joy and resilience.
Michelle Johnson has been with ALCS for five years and counsels clients from our Kyle location. For more information about Michelle's practice, click here. To set up an appointment with Michelle, call us today!
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