Individual Therapy for Adults and Teens

Abundant Life Counseling Services, P.A. is a place of safety where clients can talk openly about the psychological, spiritual, emotional, and relational problems they are experiencing without fear of being judged. As clients feel understood, they are able to articulate feelings and thoughts, and to recognize and clarify their experience. An outside perspective and probing / clarifying questions help clients to clarify not only their experience, but also the options available to them as they maneuver through their unique challenges. Therapeutic experiences and techniques used during sessions, homework assignments and skill development, and outside resources will also be part of the counseling process. Because ALCS therapists have specific ages and issues they are passionate about working with, they can focus more extensively on those issues and age groups, building a wealth of knowledge, training, and expertise that is specifically focused on creating the most effective counseling experience possible.

At ALCS, we recognize that people of all ages and in all stages of life have struggles, so in addition to individual therapy for adults, we also have therapists on staff who specialize in working specifically with teenagers.

Clients wrestling with the following issues will find one or more therapists on staff who are equipped and passionate about helping people with their particular struggle:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • grief and loss
  • loneliness
  • major life transitions
  • decision-making
  • stress
  • coping skills
  • identity
  • self-worth
  • anger / aggression
  • body image
  • relational conflict
  • ADHD
  • social skills (for clients on the autism spectrum)
  • parenting issues
  • divorce recovery
  • abuse
  • trauma
  • self-harm
  • bi-polar disorder
  • addictions
  • adoption struggles
  • premature and traumatic childbirth
  • same-sex attraction
  • gender dysphoria
Please call our office for assistance in determining which therapist is the best fit for your needs.